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9 DIY Laptop Stands to Make Working at Home Easier

9 DIY Laptop Stands to Make Working at Home Easier

Image by Jen Woodhouse


Build a DIY laptop stand and you will have a place to work on your laptop. Most of these laptop stands can double-duty a TV tray, sofa table, and carry items from one place to another.

These DIY laptop stands also come in many different designs. Some are designed as tables, others as trays, and some are used as shelves so that you can exit the laptop screen while working.

You will find that these are easy-to-build projects that are perfect for a beginner. Because they are simple and straight-forward DIY, they will only take a limited amount of equipment, a lot, which means that most are also budget-conscious. Follow these tutorials and you will have a new, mobile workspace in a few hours.

Laptop Sofa Table

A chair with a laptop stand

Two Feet First 

Learn how to make a laptop stand from the ground up with this free DIY tutorial. This laptop table is made with furring strips and some boards to make a cute sofa table that is great for holding a laptop or for dining in front of the TV.


IKEA Laptop Stand Hack

A laptop stand by a bed

The Navage Patch

In this tutorial, you do not have to build a laptop stand, but an existing one and improve it. It starts with an IKEA laptop stand, then some spray paint and wood is added to make it a one-of-a-kind laptop holder that is going to look great in any room.


Laptop Stand for Desk Using Scrap Wood

A laptop stand on a deskAnika's DIY Life

This beautiful laptop stand is to be placed on the desk. This removes the laptop screen from the way and enables you to use the keyboard and mouse with your laptop. It is an open shelf, so you will also have some additional storage under the stand.

Laptop Lap Desks

A couple in bed on their laptops

A Beautiful Mess 

If you spend a lot of time on your laptop while in bed, this is the tutorial you want to watch. This DIY laptop stand is made using an existing wooden lap desk and then adding foam and fabric to the part that sits on your feet. The best part is, no stitching is required.


Folding Laptop Stand

A laptop on a wooden stand on a bed

Jen Woodhouse

This laptop stand is designed as a folding tray. It is perfect for use in bed, but you can also use it on the couch or anywhere you need a solid surface. Like many other laptop stands, it can be used for more than one laptop.

DIY Laptop and Monitor Stand

A wooden laptop stand

The Handyman's Daughter

This laptop stand draws double duty as an organizational system for your desk. In addition to having a shelf for your laptop, there are containers that can hold pens and pencils, a shelf for notebooks, and a low storage space that is perfect for the keyboard and mouse.


The Cheapskate Laptop Stand

A cardboard laptop standThe Closet Entrepreneur

If you are looking to build a laptop stand cheaply, and by that I mean free, then you might want to check out this tutorial. Using only cardboard, you can use the free templates provided here to cut the pieces and then fit them together. The way the pieces fit together gives a strong foundation for your laptop and you will be surprised how long it lasts.


Simple Scrap Wood DIY Laptop Desk

A wooden laptop stand on a couch A Butterfly House 

There is a DIY laptop stand in between a tray and a shelf. This is to get that hot, heavy laptop on your feet and a more robust surface. Recurring strips and boards are used to make it and there is an option to connect the desk you have built if you want to suit the desk.

How to Make a DIY Laptop Stand

A laptop stand on a deskHandmade Weekly

Here is another DIY laptop stand that will get your laptop up and out of your way while using it on your desk. You will get diagrams, photos and step-by-step manufacturing instructions to help you build this unique laptop stand.


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