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Instagram's Best Home Updates Just for Renters

Instagram's Best Home Updates Just for Renters

Easy updates you can DIY, too



As a renter, I love finding other tenants on social media. There is a lot of inspiration for DIY projects, and it is so incredible to see how people change their spaces. I rounded up some of my favorite projects and asked the people behind me to tell me a little about the process and the cost and how DIY is possible in a rented house.

Do Some 'Renovations'

Cyn focuses on "renting out" Ledger, a space in a rented house that is unique and completely lavish. The updates are so dramatic that you would never guess that they are renters. Our favorite example is his bathroom. "When we moved into my husband's apartment after marriage, the bathroom was really about nothing more than the utility. There was nothing about it that was attractive or enjoyable, ”she said.

The Bathroom Before

Dingy white bathroom in need of a renovation@hotpinkpineapples


The Bathroom After

completely renovated bathroom with pink door, teal cabinetry, new tile@hotpinkpineapples

Here's what she and her husband updated:

  • Changed the flooring with renter-friendly sticky tiles
  • Added wood to the vanity and a fresh coat of paint to give it some personality
  • Swapped the light fixture
  • Removed the dingy medicine cabinet to add a picture shelf and new mirrors.

Total cost: $ 800 (he budgeted $ 500)

Time Spent: About a month. "Our projects often take longer than we want, but we also take our time to make sure we're doing it right," Cyn said.

Tools: She completed these projects with beautiful basic tools like a drill and a saw, which she says are "good beginner tools if you're into DIY."

Cyn's background in production design and television production has helped her with her rented house DIY. “I had a lot of decorating sets that were temporary and constantly changing. I took that experience and applied it to living in apartments where every extra needed to be non-permanent, ”she said. Cyn truly believes in making your apartment your own, even if you don't build it yourself. "It really makes a huge difference in the quality of your life if you spend just a little bit of money to make your apartment your own. Whether it's your house or not, it's temporary or not."

Add Some Accent Walls

Jessie Ruane lives in a very quiet apartment in Brooklyn. He decided to add some accent walls around his house, which really enlivened the place. "For all my accent walls, the inspiration came from an 'empty' feeling," she said. "Really, the walls looked empty. I already had things hanging on the walls, but they were never finished."

bright yellow painted arch on white wall with decorJessie Ruane

She also wanted to live in a colorful house. "Accent walls are the simplest and cheapest way to add color to a space," she said.

apartment entryway painted mintJessie Ruane

Total cost: Probably less than $ 35

Time Spent: Up to a few hours. "If it's a small arch, maybe an hour. If it's the entire wall, maybe two. Take your time, and be neutral. Mistakes can be really obvious," Ruane said.

Equipment: If you are going to do a round shape, make sure you also have a nail, string, and pencil, "These will help you make an entire circle/arc."

Ruane doesn't have a lot of DIY experience, and she learns as she goes. "Don't be so harsh on yourself. I've messed up more often than I've been successful," he advised.

Switch Out Your Light Fixture

A lot of rented houses actually come with basic lighting fixtures. If you are able to access your lighting fixture, you can swap it and then replace it back before exiting. Kelsey Heinrich has done the same.

modern light fixture on ceiling of living room with green sofaKelsey Heinrichs

"We're spending more time in our living room this year, so we have to find ways to change our space," Henriques said. Mount for a more modern and sophisticated look. "

Total cost: The cost of the installation by an electrician is about $ 100, plus. You can find light fixtures at all price points from various retailers, so it is easy that you do not have any budget.

Time Spent: It took about an hour to set up.

Hang a Ladder on the Wall to Swap Out Decor Easily

One of the best things you can do as a renter is to use things that make decorating easier. And this is what Rukmini Ray Kadam has done in his house. He built a small staircase, which allowed him to change his decorations frequently.

Kadam said, "I needed to hang the towels in my bath, so a ladder would be a good idea. I always love ladders and how versatile they are." "Unfortunately, the tile cannot be drilled at all, so I kicked it out of our living room and thought it was a great way to have a seasonal display."

ladders on walls with decor hanging from themRukmini Ray Kadam

“I had wood lying in the house and I needed to hang the towel in my bath, so thought a ladder would be a good idea. I always loved it and how versatile they usually were ... so, yes, one thing inspires another. Unfortunately, the tile could not be drilled at all, so I fired it into our living room and thought it was a great way to display the season. "She already had wood so she had to buy paint, nails, and a small can of hooks. It took her about half a day to complete the project. She suggests using a good saw because she only has one hand Saw and it was difficult to cut straight lines.

Total cost: Less than $ 8. He already had scrap wood which does not add to the cost. He bought paints, nails and hooks.

Time Spent: About half a day

Equipment: Kadam recommends a good saw. He said that he had only one arm and it was difficult to cut straight lines.

Kadam has been running a decorating blog for over 10 years and not just DIYing for a long time. "My grandmother is a master DIYer and I have come into contact with the entire DIY culture very early in life."


To help you stay on top of the wall when renting, fill holes in the walls, scrape off the excess, and smooth out it quickly, along with changing your wall decor, recommending the move.

Install Shelves

Another easy way to switch the decor is to add it to the shelving wherever you want. Emma Hopkinson has done a great job of using shelving. Hopkinson said, "They have storage, galleries, space-makers, and bedside tables in rooms too small to fit a bedside table in one room. She lives in a super small flat, which makes it difficult to add standard furniture. " She said the shelves were chosen ... Any kind of functional or bright color is overshadowed in the cupboard, but for all our good stuff, it's open storage all the way, "she said.

Natural wood mounted wall shelf with boho decor itemsEmma Hopkinson

While Hopkinson has bought her shelves because she knew exactly what she needed, you can also make DIY shelves at home.

Total cost: varies from purchased shelter

Tools: Drill, Pencil, and Level

Hopkinson said she had little DIY experience before moving into her rented flat, but since living there she and her partner have painted the walls and their kitchen cupboards.

Use a Peg Board to Switch Things Up

An easy DIY project that is great for organization and showcasing the things you love is a pegboard. Christine from Little House on the Corner built one in the house, "It's really flexible because you can easily change and adjust it which is always a good thing because we change our minds a lot," she said.

pegboard diy projectLittle House on the Corner

Total cost: $ 30 to $ 40

Time Spent: 3 to 4 hours

Equipment: You will definitely need a high-quality drill and a fastener bit.

"It is worth taking your time for measuring and marking where to drill all the holes for the pegs because it is important that they are all equally out," she said. Filling the hole is definitely the most time consuming part of the project. , although."

Christine and Jan have been DIYing for almost 10 years and have completely transformed their home on a budget.

Paint Your Cabinets for Big Impact

Something as simple as painting can really transform a room. It goes for walls and for kitchen cabinets. And Salsabil El-Awaisi has done just that in her rented flat. She said that when she first moved in, her landlord did not want to redo the kitchen. “We tried to live with the old purple units but at some point, I just couldn't look at it anymore and decided to paint them and make them a little more to our taste," El-Awaisi said. "We also decided to paint the shelves that were already there and consciously style them up to make the whole kitchen more aesthetically pleasing. It made such a huge difference to the space.”

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets
kitchen cabinets and walls before (left) and after paintSalsabil El-Awaisi


Total cost: $40

Time spent: A weekend

Tools: No special tools, just a standard paintbrush, roller, and primer.

Tip: "Speak and discuss what you want to do with your landlord and show them the potential of what change can have," El-Awaisi said.


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