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9 Basement Bathroom Ideas


9 Basement Bathroom Ideas

Written by Kristin Hohenadel

Image by Fresh Exchange


The basement bathroom is a practical room often considered as a fully functional space. Often located away from the lack of natural light and out of sight of the main part of the house, it is easy to ignore. But passionate home renovators and interior designers increasingly see this as an opportunity to decorate the room. Whether you're thinking about installing an extra bathroom in your finished basement, or renovating or refinishing the basement powder room as part of a basement remodel, there's no reason that this useful room in itself There may not be a well-designed destination.

Like a good-looking basement kitchen, a basement bathroom offers a chance to have a bit of fun with the design and be bolder than you might be in a room in the more visible part of the house. At the very least, the interior design of your basement bathroom is as caring and noticeable as that of every other room in the house.

Check out these bathroom ideas in various styles and sizes that show a little love to this often neglected space.

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Bold Florals

Basement bathroom ideas

Construction 2 Style

Using theatrical wallpaper is a move to add a dose of style to the powder room, and this basement bathroom from Jamie and Morgan Molitor, the team of spouses at Construction 2 Style, is no exception. They used Hunter Green paint by Benjamin Moore for one wall, while a bold accent wall using darker floral wallpaper from Rebel Walls adds style without overwhelming the small, low ceiling room. Black peony tiles cover the floor, and bright white trim adds contrast.

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Understated Elegance

Basement bathroom ideas

Kaemingk Design

This beautiful basement bathroom from Brandt and Chelsea Kemmingk in Kemmingk Design has a small window that brings a modest portion of natural light to the shower area. Designers have created a ventilated feel using a drapery-like shower curtain mounted flush with a prominent ceiling-mounted showerhead and roof. Creamy natural stone and tile throughout, a rich walnut vanity, vintage brass sconces, and a vase of cherry blossoms give the space a simple elegance and organic feel that enhances the concept of the basement bathroom for inspiring effects.

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Graphic Tile

Basement bathroom ideas

Quinn's Place

Quinn Place blogger Quinn completely renovated the old 70-style basement bathroom of his 1912 home to create an updated and functional space. After a DIY gut refurbishment, she replaced it with glossy white paint, classic white subway tiles with graphic dark grout, black peony tiles on the floor and shower pan, and a clear sliding glass shower door to keep the line of sight clear. And create a sense of space. In a pleasant room. It is a simple, neutral, pleasing design that looks just like any other bathroom in the house.

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Beachy Guest Bathroom

Basement bathroom ideas

This Is Our Bliss

Rachel of This Is Our Bliss did not stop the location of this bathroom's basement from showing her an attractive, beachy look. She transformed the original white space into an upgraded version of herself, using a bright white vanity to meet the lack of natural light. She used accent colors of black, blue, brown, and gold and created a blown beach photo from a trip to Maui to add color and coastal-inspired vibes on a budget.

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DIY Makeover

Basement bathroom ideas

Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry

Lemon, Lavender, and Laundry's Erin succeeded in pulling off a $100 makeover of an old basement bathroom using some leftover materials and lots of DIY. Additional pale gray paint went to the wall; She repainted the vanity in a smart navy blue; Created some DIY wall art; And stenciled the floor into an ode for cement tiles for only $40.

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Earthy Tile

Basement bathroom ideas

Fresh Exchange

Fresh Michigan-based blogger Megan Gilger at Fresh Exchange created a comfortable and functional basement bathroom from a blank slate using a wash of massive Fireclay tile, black hardware, and light pink wall paint. She writes on her blog, "Since the rest of our house was designed to inspire the landscape around us in Leelanau County, we wanted to put that theme together." "We also felt that we wanted a warmer tone in the area because it was a basement. Our main floor was centered on the green, ie the land because it is the level and the upstairs was focused on the sky and the water. We wanted it Were the cellar though to bring out the feeling of the layers of ground and earth within the landscape. "

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Bright and Contemporary

Bathroom basement ideas

Jennifer Allwood Home

This basement bathroom remodel of Jennifer Allwood Home is bright and contemporary, a shot of cool gray, white and turquoise blue that is a sign for the pool area beyond the sliding glass door. Here is a huge shower scene-stealer with graphic black iron grid-patterned doors. The bright white paint on the walls and the ceiling can have light ensures that the space is full of light. An extra-wide mirror above the sink doubles the space. With a laundry system nearby, the basement bathroom means that wet bathing suits and towels never make it to the top.

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Mixed Marble

Basement bathroom ideas

Valerie Wilcox / Sarah Richardson Design

This clean modern bathroom from Sarah Richardson Design uses variations of marble, metal, and glass to create a streamlined, elevated experience despite the basement space. She used marble on only one wall of the shower and completed the look with custom marble vanity. He created a custom sconce by piecing together the remaining light pieces and spray-painted them in a cool light brown color.

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Basement Dog Shower

Basement bathroom ideas

Tiffany Leigh Design

Who says your basement bathroom should be reserved for humans? Designed to keep the dog clean, this stylish basement shower room is ready enough to please dog owners. "Many of our customers have precious puppies that become an important factor in making our design decisions," says Tiffany Leh, interior designer at Tiffany Leh Design, adding that dog shower requests are becoming the norm "among their customers" ". "I think it's safe to say that dogs rule design, but that doesn't mean compromised style."


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