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The 15 Best Instagram Accounts for Self-Care Spaces

The 15 Best Instagram Accounts for Self-Care Spaces

Written by Molly Burford

Image by  kunis_lovely_vintage_home  / Instagram


Self-care goes beyond internal work. While this is also incredibly important, your environment also plays a huge role in how you take care of yourself. These 15 Instagram accounts feature soothing baths, yurts, crystals, and more, giving you all the inspiration you need to make your home a self-care oasis.

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Flowery bathtub

aloeandglow / Instagram

The first is Instagram of They take care of themselves as' the best pictures from around the village. Just look at the status of that bath, courtesy of @aloeandglow. You'll get lots of ideas for your own places of care throughout your home (and some good product recommendations as well.)


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Buddha statue and rose quartz

jesslynbelinda / Instagram

Australia-based Crystal Castle is brought to you by Shambhala Gardens. His insta is filled with beautiful arrangements of stunning crystals, gardens, and more. This photo by Jesslyn Belinda shows one of the many places you can visit. We can't stop oohing and sighing on those beautiful rose quartz stones.


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Woman doing yoga in a yurt

camleeyoga / Instagram

Cam Lee is a yogi who lives in Vancouver. She has amazing shots practicing yoga in every type of setting. From ventilated yurts to rooms full of plants, in Cam Insta you'll be rolling out your yoga mats in no time.


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A blue dome with people doing yoga

inscape / Instagram

Inscape is a NYC-based wellness and meditation space. Space's Instagram showcases its various lavish meditation rooms and offers a dose of self-care reminders. You'll want to start practicing mindfulness more often after scrolling through the feed.


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A hammock chair hanging from ceiling

hertravelstyle / Instagram

Dane Meditation is a studio that offers meditation classes for every lifestyle. His Instagram meditation space is filled with crystals, sages, and more. After looking at their account you will have lots of ideas for your home. Take for example this cool setting captured by @hertravelstyle.


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A deck with a view of a lake and mountains

thebirdhouseelnido / Instagram

This page is a beautiful testament to slowing down and being in the present moment. The page features pictures of beautiful meditation sites with incredible views that can be experienced at The Birdhouse El Nido in the Philippines.


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A bathroom with green plants

kunis_lovely_vintage_home  / Instagram

Ayana Wellness's IG feed has been curated with beautiful wellness shots from Instagram. This beautiful bath setting by Manuela Kaplan is an example of the sheer self-care space this page draws to inspire you.


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A yurt in front of some mountains

theyurtlife / Instagram

The yurts are airy and peaceful, so much so that this Instagrammer decided to have a full-time stay in the backcountry of Colorado! You will want to pack your own house and live a yurt life after scrolling through this feed.


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Woman by a pool

hertravelstyle / Instagram

Not only will you get a lot of travel inspections from Taryn's Instagram, but you'll also get lots of ideas for color schemes, furniture, decor, and more for your own care locations.


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cafe with balloons and plants

chillhouse / Instagram 

The name says it all. This New York City spa and cafe know how to prioritize self-care. You can drink lavender lattes and get a massage at a physical location, and you can get decorating inspiration, self-care tips, and fun pictures from Chillhouse's feed.

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A person in a bathtub

megjosphenson / Instagram

Meg’s Insta is a self-care haven where she shows the best dishes she makes, calming bath setups, and meditation stations. You’ll also get a ton of healthy recipe ideas to enjoy in your self-care spaces, so you can’t go wrong by following her page.

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The inside of a home

thejoshuatreehouse / Instagram

Sarah and Rich Coombs, the couple behind Joshua Tree House, have a visually stunning feed that will take you to the depths of Sonoran and Mojave. The desert chic is in every picture and you will instantly want to book a room in one of their houses.


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Mother and daughter doing yoga

rachiesparkle / Instagram

Rachel is a mother, yogi, and self-care queen everywhere. In her account, she does yoga at all different places, at home, and outside the house. With small details, beautiful tapestries, and more, you are bound to get inspiration from her Insta.


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Chair and side table

bohobotanicalbabe / Instagram 

Kelly Boho specializes in interior design and her feed is full of new ideas to invite more relaxation and self-care to your home. From small corner styling to peaceful bedrooms, you'll be ready to mimic Kelly's style in your home.


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A plant and tea pot and teacup

standarddose / Instagram

For a feed that is zen as the physical location of the company, look no further than the standard dosage account. This spacious and chic wellness boutique has just opened shop in Manhattan and has everything from meditation rooms to the purchase of high-quality CBD products.




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