A Short History Of Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been around for thousands of years, in all kinds of variations. There is no exact date as to when wallpaper or wall art actually came into existence, given that many records of wall art or wall decoration have been in use for years. However, it was not until Europeans adopted the wallpaper trend to introduce it to the western world.

The wallpapers are from the 13th or 14th century. Wall decoration is often traced back to Egyptian and Roman wall paintings. Egyptian papyrus, the earliest known paper was invented in 4000 bc. There is some debate as to when primary wallpaper was invented.

These wallpapers were cheap enough to look like wall paintings and tapestries owned by the wealthy.

Others attribute primary wallpaper to christoph-philipp oberkampf, who invented the primary printer for various color wallpapers in 1785. Within the 17th century. Wallpaper is otherwise called divider cover. Wallpapers feature a good range of designs, so you'll be buying these popular wallpaper designs with a style that suits the theme of your home or office.


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Transform Interiors with the right Wallpaper.

Tips for choosing a Great Wallpaper.

Choosing a great interior wallpaper for your rooms is easy when you follow design tips. Transform a plain room into a dramatic or lush tropical retreat with the right wallpaper treatment. There is no shortage of wallpaper styles, colors and textures. Decide if you want to cover all the walls or if an accent wall would look better in your room designs.


Here you go.....!

Paper: In this type, the decorative design is printed on a paper base. The sheet may or may not have a top coating to seal the plan. It is cheap in comparison.

Paper-backed vinyl: Liquid vinyl is coated on the bottom paper on which the plan is printed. It often wipes capable, resists moisture, and is cheap.

Non-Woven: This type consists of natural or synthetic fibers which give a classy look to the final design. These are also easy to use and remove but are expensive in comparison.

Solid Vinyl: During this type, a solid sheet of vinyl is applied to a paper or fabric, and so the design is printed on the vinyl sheet. This makes the wallpaper more durable and washable.

PVC or coated vinyl: One of the economical options, this type of wallpaper is moisture resistant because it is essentially a layer of acrylic sprayed or coated on a paper base. However, the plan will not have a sophisticated appeal.

Fabric: Either this will be a fabric-based wallpaper with the plan printed on it or fabric-backed that will have a vinyl layer with the plan on it.

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Why Wallpaper?

Ease of Application: Unlike paint, wallpapers are often applied in record time after application without causing dust or any cleaning hassle.

Variety of Designs: From nature inspired themes to contemporary geometric prints, there are various wallpaper designs available that will give a unique character to your room.

Customized Prints: If you're trying to find a customized ambiance, you'll also customize wallpaper in a print or design that supports your ideas and inspirations.

Instant Makeover: By even covering some wall with elegant wallpaper, you'll instantly amplify the vibe of the room.

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