Why use wallpaper for your home!!

In the first Indian homes, there was neither much creativity nor much creativity in the matter of walls. But with home decor trends changing and an emphasis on experimentation, homeowners now want to move from blank white walls to embellished designs and motifs, from flowers to birds, chic designs and textures, giving their home a unique space becomes ...


#VARIETY & COST EFFECTIVE DeStudioIN provides you with endless options of innovative, sustainable and attractive wallcoverings to create bold, impressive spaces within your budget. Our Wallcoverings range provides you with aesthetic, economical and timeless architectural and interior options.

#LONGEVITY Unlike wall paints that have to be renewed within a few years, DeStudioIN provides you with durable wallpapers that can last up to 15 years without any changes.

Not only do our wallpapers lend a special aura and unique character to space, we care about the environment as well. Printed by eco-friendly water-based ink, DeStudioIN wallpaper is eco-friendly.

DeStudioIN wallpapers are available in a variety of colours and patterns, ranging from elegant classical motifs to warm contemporary patterns, which can be used in effective ways to enhance the beauty of your rooms.

#CUSTOMISATIONGot a particular design idea in mind and couldn't find it among our existing murals? we've got you covered! Simply describe your wallpaper design ideas and let our in-house design team work their magic to create one for you. Custom wallpaper is perfect for interior designers, architecture and people with specific tastes to show off their personal style.


Wallpaper is very easy to apply and requires less time and effort and covers up minor flaws automatically. Paint has to cover up imperfections on the walls which takes a lot of time.

Wallpaper is easy to apply and even the homeowner can do it himself without the help of a professional. It is a one-time application and a good-sized house can be covered in a day. Painting is a messy and time-consuming job and requires professional hands to do it. It needs two to three coats of paint to finish the surface.

A well-maintained wallpaper can last more than ten years. It is suitable for children's wear and tear, high-traffic areas, and even multiple scrubbers. The paint has to be redone every two to three years. The maximum life of a painted house is five years.

Wallpaper can be easily washed and cleaned, so it is easy to maintain. This is especially true for homes with children. Bad areas can be easily serviced with invisible patchwork. Paints lack the potential to bring premiums and innovation. Texture paints are inconsistent in design due to the manual nature of design creation.

The wallpaper adds to the high aesthetic value for lovers of premium offerings. Textures and patterns have life-like sharpness thanks to advanced printing techniques. Paint lacks the potential to bring premiums and innovation. Texture paints are inconsistent in design due to the manual nature of design creation.

Wallpaper offers a myriad variety of designs, textures, and colors and can also be customized as per your preference. Paints have limited options and come in plain solid colors unless an artist is hired to create a beautiful pattern.

# ECO FRIENDLY Most wallpaper inks are water-based with very little V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds) emissions; These emissions are much lower than that of paint. The rate of VOC emissions in paint can be significantly higher than in wallpaper. In fact, paint can release VOCs into the air for years after the initial painting, putting your family at risk.